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We all travel for different reasons and preferences.  Escape from everyday life, the curiosity of new country and lifetime memory to create. 

No matter it is to experience another culture or find something special in your life, there is nothing better than traveling to specific new places.  There is one phrase in Mongolia “instead of hearing 100 times, it good to go once”.

Since 2008, we have dedicated ourselves to create our customers the most unforgettable experiences, inspiring you to travel more in Mongolian awesome destinations.  Offering our carefully hand-picked accommodations and flexible price offer was one of our main priorities.

We understand that you want to see Mongolia your own way. From the moment you contact us until you arrive with a broad smile, all our team would be online 24/7 hours. Our experienced managers are willing to help you plan the trip and design the adventure exactly how you want.  Besides tailor-made tours, we allow you to choose a small group holiday with perfect balance in mind.  A little group time, a Little you time – a way of tour needs to be.

Over the years, our staff developed grassroots travel options that have connected both locals and visitors.  A bundle of essential highlights and adventure that contributes the local families to make our tour special.  It is true that real magic happens when we do not expect it.  It can be offered of you cutting the homemade noodle of nomad woman’s cuisine or when visit traditional dwelling while driving through the endless horizon.

As Mongolians, we are a dedicated team with a heart of full pride in history, culture, and the country itself.  We believe travel brings people together& changes the world for the better. To us, the safety and security of every client is the number one concern.

What’s in a name?

Back when we wondering of what to call ourselves, the word “AGAR” was closest in the heart.  Mongolians are spiritual people.  Mongolian very first and ancient religion is shamanism.  Its philosophy is all about teaching human beings how to protect and respect their nature.  When we first joined to start our agency,  the main purpose was to show the natural beauty and its connection to human beings for all our guests who want to explore Mongolia.  We like to represent our ancestor AGAR – protector of eternal blue sky and Mother Nature as we believe. Always happy to show it to our dear visitors in the right way. 

Agar discovery logo

Since we have started our travel experience as a guide and driver, it gave us a real inspiration to work as a bridge between tourist and local communities. There has been always a strong desire to bring new highlights in the Mongolian travel sector.  You have probably figured out the horseman in front of his traditional dwelling. Coming out of his home with Mongolia pride animal, the horse is considered the most respected way of greeting and receiving their guests.  The blue and red are essential color represent blue sky and a positive strong change.  If you notice well, we welcome all worlds who want to explore Mongolian vast virgin landscape, extraordinary history and one of the last remaining nomadic culture.  Welcome to our motherland in central Asia.

Why Agar Disovery?

Quality tour

Perfect balance of planned activities and your stress free time are what we believe the tour an unforgettable experience. Whatever you want to choose and wherever you decide to explore, our well trained staffs look forward to discuss you holiday requirements. We are always willing to offer you best in the area. Our managers are trained to visit our offered places a quite often. No matter you join group tour or choose tailor-made trips, we focus on all our energy providing you best accommodation, interesting activity and reliable logistics.

Amazing price

Whether you are looking for adventure as a solo traveler or group trips, the majority of our tours are offered with a flexible range of price. By keeping the transportation cost lower and dealing with tourist camps and resorts, we are happy to offer you a cheaper price. There is a wide range of choice accommodation depending on your interest. To help you better budget your hard earned cash, we have made there are no hidden fees and nasty surprises during the trips.

Awesome group leaders

What makes our organized tours special are definitely our experienced guides and drivers. They have a broad knowledge of places and skills to arrange the tours. Whilst listening to appealing stories or culture information, make a unique experience with them to approach more local communities. Besides working skills, we are all proud of our country, history and nomadic way of life.

Authentic local life

It is difficult to imagine travel without experiencing real local life. There are unique insights into nomad life that has been facilitated especially for Agar Discovery and learn the secret of living with harmony in nature. Share tastiest Mongolian barbeque with hot stones and enjoy riding a camel on the soft golden sand dune at Gobi desert.

Responsible& Sustainable

Mongolia is a country with abundant natural beauty. Without considering travel without footprint, it is unimaginable to arrange travel and organize tours. We follow a strict responsible travel policy and are committed to the welfare of wildlife. Leaving minimum trace in local’s culture and giving them more proud feeling to be nomad nation are agent’s main priority.

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