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  Agar Discovery has a great variety of hot travel offers and special deals, from small group tours to budget short excursions near Ulaanbaatar. There is something for everyone. Experience diverse national parks, celebrate the colorful Naadam festival, dine with eagle hunters, discover the historic Karakorum, explore the vast and untouched Mongolian wilderness, walk on the glacier of the Eagle Valley, or hike up the Singing Dunes.

 The possibilities are endless. Whether you choose our short holiday, active adventures or small group tours, we will take care of everything.  So relax and make memories to last lifetime.

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    One of Mongolia’s strongest draws is the diversity of its natural beauty and landscape.  You will discover that Mongolia is a place where ever-changing sand dunes, scenic canyons, dense forest, crystal clear lakes will inspire your soul. Stretch your mind as you explore our beautiful sights and breathtaking places. Come with us to discover a unique traditional environment and natural abundance enriched with historic event and festivals. 

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Jack Benn

I had a long-time dream to come to Mongolia after I heard many stories related to this country. I was expecting the countryside to be everywhere when I landed off at Chinggis khan airport. It was a myth that Mongolia is a forgotten country. A very modern city surprised me by its variety of restaurants, art, and museums as well as the bright blue sky. During my 13 days of adventure, I was attracted to the beauty and diversity of nature. It has been very interesting to see a different culture and how it changed from place to place. Staying two nights with a Nomadic family was unforgettable and a totally unique experience. I no longer feel any language barriers. We could communicate without a problem even though they didn’t speak English and I didn’t know a single word in Mongolian. Now this nation is closest in my heart. Thank you to the team of the Agar Discovery agency.

Jack Benn Australian
Daniela Saporita

Warm greetings from Italy. We desired to get married in December but this is not possible because there are a lot of people that are booked to get married before us, so we decided and booked the city hall on 18th March 2017 during the spring, with the sun, the flowers bloom… Every day I think about my special travel and after two months I remember everything, every time… in Mongolia. When we told you we wanted to exchange our wedding rings at the Flaming cliff of Gobi desert, you organized and helped us to do it in an unimaginable way. Last Saturday we went also to tattoo maker, and we booked the appointment to do the Gobi desert tattoo on the back of the left calf. The first available date was 20th May 2018. The tattoo artist was very surprised and told us that this is a very beautiful and particular tattoo… so... we have to wait also for this thing!! I forgot to tell you what we wrote on the wedding rings: “GOBI 13 August 2017”.

Daniela Saporita Italy
Mark Adam Jennings

My best memory was that Mongolia’s older people have an inborn sense of hospitality and kindness. They survived communism, experienced difficult transition times, and they’re extremely kind to their families, guest, and friends. Another good opportunity was when I was invited to Tsagaan Sar, (Lunar New Year) celebration. It was a traditional feast and a great opportunity to experience the hospitality of Mongolians. With the help of my guide, I have learned several Mongolian idioms. The most memorable one that is still in my mind is “instead of hearing a thousand times, better to see one time”. Yes…. I made the right decision.

Mark Adam Jennings USA

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