5 Things to know about Mongolia

Young riders. Mongolia is country of world’s youngest horseback riders. Nomad children learn how to ride horses at the age of 3 and learn to race horses at 5. On the racetrack, the average speed of a fast endurance racer ranges from 30-55 km per hour as they are raced a full distance of 10-26 kilometers.

Sinless meat. In the last months of spring, nomadic families remove the testicles of younger sheep and goats to deprive them of their rights to become breeders. The testicles are then stewed with dried meat and white rise to be served. The dish is named “sinless meat” due to the fact that no soul of a living creature was taken for its making.

Camel polo. Mongolians play polo on camels and yaks, which is believed to be one of the oldest team sports still actively played. Today’s games are a new management strategy to protect yaks and the two- humped Bacterian camel, which are becoming rare around the globe.

Guiness record. In 2013, 11430 Mongolian horsemen gathered to break the Guinness World Record of 8000 horsemen assembled in Florida, USA.

Tons of kisses. Mongolia, like many Asian countries, observes the lunar calendar. The new year begins with the celebration of Tsagaan Sar. During the holiday, which takes place over several days, friends, family, and relatives gather and greet on another, as elders grant kisses upon their cheeks. On this occasion, the heartfelt kisses are given, and one person may kiss at least 100 people on each cheek, signifying earnest regards.