Gobi gurvan saikhan NP

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan is one of the most spectacular national parks which has an overwhelming reason why one should visit the place. GurvanSaikhan (Three Beauties) is named after its three ridges Baruun, Zuun, and Dundsaikhan. This park, with the surface area of 4100 square kilometers, stretches over 100 kilometers and includes the strictly protected zone of Yoliin am, Bayanzag, Khermentsav which is home to a great number of Dinosaur findings. Also, the Khongoriinels are some of the largest and most awesome sand dunes in Mongolia. The park is inhabited by large numbers of argali sheep and ibex and contains 200 species of birds, including the Mongolian. The flora here is varied and includes aromatic juniper, wild onion, rhubarb, wild thyme, gentian, willow, elder and dog rose. From the summit of Mount Erdenetsogt, one can see the Ikh and BagaBogd mountains, as well as Mount Delgerkhangai, 200 kilometers away.

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