Legend of Yoliin am

A long time ago, there was a beautiful woman who lived in the Yangirtsag passage, she fell in love with a poor man and they decided to get married. At that time, a sneaky man Bayandai made an evil plan to break up the couple and marry the women to his son. The bird the mountain is named for, Yol, lays three eggs in the cold winter on the top of Mountain. There is a legend, “The person that can fetch these eggs live happily forever”. Evil Bayandai called the poor guy and told him the legend. He said he will give him some money and persuaded him to do this. So the naïve man trusted the rich man, the man wanted to live happily with his women and he went to the mountain top. But the man felt sorry to take the bird’s baby, and he thought “live poor and live rich” and went back. However, the rich man said, “You promised to get me the Yol’s egg”. He tied the man up and put him on the top of the mountain next to the bird’s nest and he died the women heard the news and suffered, her tears poured like a well and she was covered with snow in the passage of the mountain. From that time they called it Yoliin am, the dead man’s den is called Bust Ulaan and the woman’s passage is called Ohinii Khutul. The people that respect love and are not susceptible by evil’s intrigue. They respected the couple’s love monument until now.

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