Газрын зураг




2020 May-August




17 days, 16 nights




4x4 drive or minivan

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    The Gobi has become fashionable, and one hears much talk about its beauty and the power that emanates from it. What particularly impress travelers in this tour is, of course, the beauty of the landscape but perhaps even more so the way of being and values that these nomads have followed in the heart of Central Asia. The attitude of herders, their sense of hospitality, their great tolerance, their openness, their relationships with one another, with symbolism, with time and space can not leave one indifferent.



     A company guide will meet you upon arrival at the airport after exiting customs and immigration. A short 40-minute ride transfers you to your room with elegant interior and furnishings.  Time to unwind, relax and take a break with a city view!  Afterward, experience your very first lunch of Mongolian cuisine at our recommended restaurant.

   Start the tour by visiting the National Historical Museum of Mongolia. Learn about the country’s rich history from the Stone Age to the present. The museum invites you to step into the 13th century Mongol empire, a highlight is a wide array and full collection of traditional clothes. A short walk across the street takes us to the heart of the city, Chinggis Khaan's main square. Monuments at the square lead you to strikingly beautiful architecture and an abundance of history.

   We invite you to a welcome dinner. Choose your own ingredients from a great variety of choice meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, and spices. Enjoy watching how the expert grillers prepare your food on a hot grill.

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 On our second day, drive to the granite formation Baga Gazriin Chuluu, surrounded by flat plains. Around the mountain valley, there are a number of sights to see such as a rocky ravine, a Jargalant cave, therapeutic spring for eyes.

  Explore the ruin of the old temple dating back to the 17th century. You might see the rock inscription written by the two monks who used to settle and meditate here.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


    It is time to head to White stupa, a white limestone cliff with a magnificent view. The erosion of the water, wind and time have left clear signs on the cliff. After enjoying the natural cliff which looks similar to an ancient ruin from far away, head to nearest tourist camp to have lunch.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



    It is time to head the petroglyphic complex of Del Uul mountainThe Del Uul mountain stretches 25 km from east to west and is located in the Dundgobi province. The area is covered with rock paintings of various types of animals such as ibexes, horses, riders, camel, and anthropomorphic images are the most common. After observing the ancient people’s evidence of life, we continue to go to Dalanzadgad city.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



     Today, let’s visit Eagle valley which nestles between the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain. Valley is a unique natural oasis set in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range with the thick corridor of ice glacier and deep shaded gorge. It remains frozen almost a whole year except late summer.

    After arrival at the gorge, we will do a 2-hour hiking through this picturesque area. The Shadowed depth of Eagle Valley, circle grown juniper and beds of wildflowers would give astonishing fragrance while you follow the narrow river flows softly through the gorge.  Enjoy spotting bearded vulture, the highest-flying bird and some other species of rare birds of the country.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


   Come to Khongor sand dunes, the longest sand dune which continues 130 km. This must-see sight is well known as Singing Dune due to its plane engine like sound. Khongor sand dunes are the biggest ones in Mongolia reaching 300 meters high.

   Hop on a two-humped camel and ride along the sand dune by observing the nearest camel breeding nomads. Gobi people take tremendous pride in their motherland and its wonders. The Khongoryn River flows along the sand dunes and gives birth to oases called Seruun Bulag. Spending time seeing dawn and sunset is something you won’t forget since it is changing its color by time.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



   Today, head to one of the most popular archaeological sites Bayanzag put Mongolia on the map of international adventure seekers. Did you know that the very first dinosaur eggs were discovered in Mongolia in 1922?

   Then, let's walk around where dinosaur once roamed 70 million years ago. It is better known as the flaming cliffs so named by an American zoologist Roy Andrew Chapman. Take the photograph of the surrounding nature. Don’t forget to visit the camel breeding nomad family to see how Mongolian nomad lives in their traditional dwelling with perfect harmony with nature and animals in the Gobi desert.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


   Today lets head to Ongi temple ruin through Ongi steppe. One of the energetic places in the Gobi, the monastery ruin was the largest religious center for about 300 years. Here, the monastery complex faced the hard communist repression of the 1930s. and they almost destroyed the all 28 temples where 1000 monks were living. Walk closer and imagine the real hustle and bustle of Buddhist monks and their dedicated place of worship.

   If you get up early, you will have a chance to see some wild animals such as wild sheep, steppe wolf, Asian wild ass, and black-tailed gazelle.  

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


    Today we reach a spectacular region of a volcanic area and rushing streams, the area also offers long lava flows south of the Orkhon river. By arriving here, the highlight of the valley is the 24 meters high Orkhon waterfall, sometimes known as Ulaan Tsutgalan.

    On the way, arrival at Bayanaa’s family, a local ger wood expert. Experience the assembling of Ger structure. By visiting local life, it hard to miss the chance to try erecting how to assemble its wooden structure. Have lunch with Bayanaa’s family.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



    After breakfast, it is off to the Karakorum, the former capital of the great Mongolian empire. From here Chinggis Khan and his successors ruled the 13th-century Mongolian empire.

    When we arrive at the Karakorum, you will see first the massive wall of Erdene Zuu monastery, the oldest monastery which is surrounded by 108 stupas.  Enjoy visiting the Erdenezuu Monastery which was established on the base of the ancient ruin of Karakorum.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



    After breakfast, have the experience of making the felt and felt product at the local community center. You will see how we make one of our organic material, felt, by sheep wool and further process it to final rugs and souvenirs.

   Ride through the high forest Mountain road and in the afternoon come to Tsenkher Hot Spa. Sliding into the sulfur-rich spa after a long day is one of life’s little luxuries. Since it is considered one of the healing hot springs in Mongolia, there is nothing compared between soaking in the restorative water with an open-air view.

   Curative springs with 86 degrees assist in treating a range of health issues like soothing rheumatism and reducing the stress. It's surrounded by many mountains and covered with forests of pines and lush meadows where many nomads live closely with one another and their yaks, while horses roam freely! 

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    Drive to Khorgo Terkhi National Park to see the glittering lake which is nestled in an area of volcanic lava. It is formed and locked by the dam of lava flows from the volcanic eruption.  The locally worshipped lake has a fascinating pile of lava made by herders and other passersby. 

    On the way, we will see a worshipping tree. Mongolians believe that praying to this holy tree brings good luck.  Afterward, we will arrive at an extinct volcano of Khorgo which last erupted 4,000 years ago. This province has the most number of extinct and dormant volcanoes and hot springs. Take a scenic hike up to the dead volcano. Enjoy an amazing view of the great lake and the area which is similar to the moon surface.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


    Today, continue to go to Jargal Jiguur Hot Spring Water Spa. Enjoy hot spa to have good relax which contains sulfur and flows out a whole year from the ground at 70 Celsius degree in the mountainous northern part of Mongolia.

   Stroll around the local town and visit the family which makes carved ger carcass. Traditional anklebone game after having a hot spa.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



      After breakfast, we will drive to Uushig Uvur Deer Stones.  This is an interesting experience to see the complex of 30 deer stones which dates back to the bronze age.  Highly artistic illustrations of deer and other images are symbols of Shamanism.

     Then we will drive to Khuvsgul Lake, locally called “Mother Ocean”. This crystal-clear lake is one of seventeen ancient lakes worldwide that is more than 2 million years old.  It is the most pristine and most significant water reserve in Mongolia. It’s even possible to drink water!

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



    Khuvsgul Lake is adorned with picturesque shores. On our second day at the mother lake, we will do some activities including hiking and horseback riding. We will enjoy a relaxing horse ride along the lake’s shores and steppes. Each season gives a whole new look to the lake.

    The province itself is known for its powerful shaman religion. Therefore, shamanic idol and spirits are everywhere here. Get dazzled by the forest and taiga smell.

                  ACCOMMODATION - TOURIST CAMP                                           MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


      We will fly back to Ulaanbaatar by the domestic airline. Spend some free time shopping at the famous Mongolian cashmere and department shops for delicate cashmere scarves and souvenirs. As the sightseeing comes to an end, you could return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

                           ACCOMMODATION - HOTEL                                              MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



    After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, it would be time to say goodbye to the land of nomads and head to the airport, armed with an enriching experience and memories to last a lifetime.

                                                                                                                             MEALS - BREAKFAST



  • Help before you go 
  • Personal airport pickup service
  • 17 days of interesting activities 
  • Hotel 
  • Tourist ger camps 
  • Tour guide
  • Domestic flight
  • Full board meals 
  • All entrance fees 
  • All transportation
  • Visa invitation letter 
  • Water: 2 bottled water each day
  • Traditional concert


  • International airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Single room supplement – Single room supplement is available at 50$ for one night.
  • Optional excursions 
  • Personal equipment 

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