Газрын зураг




2020 May-August




10 days, 9 nights




4x4 drive or minivan

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    Life is full of discovery. This is a great opportunity to explore the nomad people’s unique lifestyle, not to be missed. Land of blue sky, land of steppes, land of the nomads and homeland of rich history and culture. Discover yourself the secret to a nomad’s happiness by getting acquainted with the way of life, hospitable people, gallop across the wide-open steppes on the beautiful steep, gaze at the countless bright stars at night and lose yourself in the quiet stillness.



      A company guide will meet you upon arrival at the airport after exiting customs and immigration. A short 40-minute ride transfers you to your room with elegant interior and furnishings. Time to unwind, relax and take a break with a city view!  Afterward, experience your very first lunch of Mongolian cuisine at our recommended restaurant.

    Start the tour by visiting the National Historical Museum of Mongolia. Learn about the country’s rich history from the Stone Age to the present. The museum invites you to step into the 13th century Mongol empire, a highlight is a wide array and full collection of traditional clothes. A short walk across the street takes us to the heart of the city, Chinggis Khaan's main square. Monuments at the square lead you to strikingly beautiful architecture and an abundance of history.

    Your welcome dinner will include a folklore performance featuring the art of throat singing. This art originated based on the sound of the hills and spirit. Wonder at Morin Khuur expressing the world with two strings, throat singing, and other artistic dance genres.

                     ACCOMMODATION  - HOTEL                                                               MEALS - LUNCH + DINNER


     Today we take a drive to Mongol nomadic camp where you will be greeted by herders with yaks in a peaceful landscape unlike any other in the country. By riding yaks, you will reach Zagdaa’s family to explore how Mongolian herders used to move from one place to another by ox and camel carts.  You will be offered to see many interesting nomadic cultural activities.

     After the demonstration, a warm welcome with an included lunch awaits us in his home and drive to Khustai National park, one of the most popular national parks of Mongolia through the rolling steppes which are home of over 350 horses.  Have you ever heard of the Przewalski horse? It is the only wild horse in the world now. What we admire most in them is their difference in physical ability than domestic horses.

   Explore the extraordinary spot, where the Asian wild horses graze, having been reintroduced from Holland in a framework of an international project and other wildlife. The late evening is the perfect time for your mind to be filled with thoughts of freedom and relaxation.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


    Continue driving through breathtaking rolling hills to reach Elsen Tasarkhai where you will discover “Mini Gobi”. The natural wonder of Elsen Tasarkhai will appeal to you by its mixture of Khangai and Gobi.

    Here is the place that our nomad family’s summer shelter settled. If hostess would come out of the home with a blue silk scarf holding on her both hands with a bowl of milk. Don’t be surprised. It is our traditional way of greeting. We are going to give you orientation with the area and useful information. Introduce with the host family and their life.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



     Welcome to Mongolian nomad’s everyday lifestyle. Today is full of activity. We will participate in milking cows and goats, and processing dairy products like soft yogurt, dried curd, and traditional organic butter. Learn how to call the very age of livestock and color them. There is a lot of things for you to learn in such a nomad homestay.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



     Early in the morning, saddle up on your camel to reach the Sand dune. Enjoy the soft breeze while you feel a close bond between nature and humans to understand the meaning of this lifestyle.

    After lunch, explore Erdene Khamba Temple, the hidden gem of Khugnu Khan mountain. Enjoy stories and legends of this special place from our knowledgeable tour guide.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


     Today we reach a spectacular region of volcanic craters and rushing streams, the area also offers long lava flows south of the Orkhon river. By arriving here, the highlight of the valley is the 24 meters high Orkhon waterfall, sometimes known as Ulaan Tsutgalan.

     On the way, arrival at Bayanaa’s family, a local ger wood expert. Experience the assembling of Ger structure. By visiting local life, it hard to miss the chance to try erecting how to assemble its wooden structure. Have lunch with Bayanaa’s family.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



     After breakfast, it is off to the Karakorum, former capital of the great Mongolian empire. This is the location where Chinggis Khan and his successors ruled the 13th-century Mongolian empire. When we arrive at the Karakorum, you will see first the massive wall of Erdenezuu Monastery, the oldest monastery which is surrounded by 108 stupas.  Enjoy visiting the Erdenezuu Monastery which was established on the base of the ancient ruin of Karakorum.  

    Also, don’t forget to visit the newly built Karakorum center museum. Picnic dinner on top worshipped hill whilst enjoying the breathtaking view of Orkhon valley, home of all Mongolian empires, inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage. Have experience of making the felt and felt product at the local community center. You will see how we make one of our organic material, felt, by sheep wool and further process it to final rugs and souvenirs.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


     Morning drive further north to Ugii Lake with delicate sand and soft waves. Ugii Lake is famous for its birdlife. About 150 types of aquatic birds gather at Ugii Lake including scarce birds like a cape barren goose, a spoonbill, Dalmatian pelican cranes, and ducks. Here you will come across a water bird research station.

   Ramsar Convention has registered Ugii Lake in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance for being an important breeding and staging area for a variety of waterfowl. Hiking along the lake provides a close-up encounter with the most valued and rare waterbirds of the Anatidae family.

                ACCOMMODATION  - TOURIST GER CAMP                                       MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER


    We will drive back to Ulaanbaatar by the domestic airline. Spend some free time shopping at the famous Mongolian cashmere and department shops for delicate cashmere scarves and souvenirs. As the sightseeing comes to an end, you could return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

                ACCOMMODATION  - HOTEL                                    MEALS - BREAKFAST + LUNCH + DINNER



   After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, it would be time to say goodbye to the land of nomads and head to the airport, armed with an enriching experience and memories to last a lifetime.

                                                                                                                                         MEALS - BREAKFAST



  • Help before you go 
  • Personal airport pickup service
  • 10 days of interesting activities 
  • Hotel 
  • Tourist ger camps 
  • Tour guide
  • Domestic flight
  • Full board meals 
  • All entrance fees 
  • All transportation
  • Visa invitation letter 
  • Water: 2 bottled water each day
  • Traditional concert


  • International airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Single room supplement – Single room supplement is available at 50$ for one night.
  • Optional excursions 
  • Personal equipment 

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