Tuvkhun monastery

The excellent location of Tuvkhunkhiid was selected by Undur Gegeen Zanabazar on his 19th birthday. It was built in 1653 and he named it ‘land of Happy Solitude’. The heritage of Tuvkhun is 68 kilometers from Erdenezuu, in the Wooded Shiveet Ulaan Mountains of Bat-Ulzii sum.

Not far from the summit of the mountain, on a first platform, are several temple halls, one of which is made from wood. To the west of these, one can see a footprint of attributed to the fist BogdGegeen, and a small cave where Zanabazar meditated. Climbing further up, one arrives at a second platform from which a spring runs out. Another cave is located here- the ekhiin hevlii (Mother’s belly) which is just big enough to stand in, although you have to crawl to enter it in the hope of having their faults washed away in the next birth.

Undur Gegeen Zanabazar was the first leader of the Mongol lamaist church and led an intense intellectual, religious, and artistic life. Much of his work was done at Tuvkhun temple.

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